‘As in many dances, most spectators focus on the follower – her elegance, grace, music interpretation as well as technique. Even though these are highly individual attributes there are some accepted ideas of what makes a follower graceful and beautiful when dancing tango. Such skills include leg projection and weight transfer, stability in movements, elegance in leg placement and leg extension, pivoting, embellishments, as well as expression of emotions.
Both partners can contribute to tango improvisations with adornments (sp. adornos, decoration) known also as decorations (sp. decoration). Adornments do not have to be led or marked. Several embellishments are: aguja, amague, boleo, caricia, cuatro, enroscar, golpecito, lustrada, rulo.
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Argentine Tango Lab started with the idea to become a dance laboratorio for all dance lovers who would like to learn the Dance of Embraces.

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