As a dancer [Gabriel] is fluid, refined, and artistic with a formidable repertoire of styles and steps that he executes with smoothness, precision, and agility. As a teacher, he inspires and pinpoints my particular strengths and weaknesses by simultaneously correcting and challenging my dancing to new levels of achievement in a short period of time. Gabriel elevates the dance of tango by highlighting the intricacy of the partnership in a gentle but compelling manner revealing an intelligent depth of knowledge. I highly recommend Gabriel for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of tango.
Miriam Kass, San Jose CA

Gabriel Monty is passionate about tango and about teaching this beautiful, complex dance to others. He consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism in his interactions with students, in his clear and organized delivery of content, and in his striving to improve his own knowledge of the dance. His generous nature, tact, support, friendliness and quick laughter also make his classes exceptionally pleasurable as well as productive. My husband and I have been dedicated students of Gabriel for over five years, taking both private and public classes, and can say, without hesitation, that he is the best that Vancouver can offer, for dancers at any level.
Marly Haller, Vancouver BC

I have taken private lessons from many American tango teachers as well as some of the most celebrated tango teachers from Buenos Aires. Among them, Gabriel is one of the most professional and effective teachers. What makes him special as a tango techer is that he seems to really care about his students. When you take his classes, you can feel his love of teaching. When he taught group lessons in San Francisco Bay Area, I remember people were very impressed with how he handled a big group. I totally recommend Gabriel for both group and privet lessons.
Y. Ohmori, Boutique owner, San Francisco CA

Gabriel Monty is an excellent tango instructor, very good communicator, detail oriented and patient. He focuses on important details of the posture and technique and gives precise feedback and explanations. He gradually challenges the student to more complicated and demanding aspects of the dance. With Gabriel as your guide, you will have a short learning curve and a rewarding tango experience.
Simona Necula, Oakland CA

Gabriel was in South Bay California for few weeks, I was delighted to attend his workshops and also took private lessons. He is very passionate about tango and patient to his students. He is calm and kind, very important for those who are beginners and just learn baby steps like myself. And I also learned to listen and follow on different layers of music wich are the essence to this art. I Definitely highly recommend Gabriel for all levels of tango learners.
Wendy, Sunnyvale CA

[Gabriel] takes you from the level you are and does not overwhelm you with details, but slowly focuses on different aspects of the dance, advancing one step at a time. It is amazing how much I learned in such a short period of time, not only steps and style and posture and balance and attitude, but also listening to different layers of the music and enjoying the connection with my partner. Excellent teacher! Consider yourself lucky if you can get the chance to learn Argentine Tango from Gabriel Monty.
Carmen Stanciulescu, Port Coquitlam BC

[Gabriel`s] clarity and calm have an immense impact on the student. He is very easy person to get along with and has the ability to make difficult things easy. He is considered one of the best and most sought after teachers of Argentine tango in Vancouver and British Columbia. And yet, he is so humble: when he comes to milongas he dances with the seasoned dancers and with all his student, regardless of how much they know. This balance is rarely seen with other dance teachers. 
Palma Kulic, Vancouver BC

Gabriel Monty`s teaching is of the highest order. He is not only a very accomplished dancer himself but also a fantastic teacher and really knows how to pass on his knowledge. He is very dedicated to his students and never tires to analyze, demonstrate and explain. Why go to Buenos Aires with teachers like him right at home?
Jutta Wiemers, Vancouver BC

Gabriel Monty is by far the best teacher of Tango in Low Mainland. He has an excellent inside-out technical knowledge of the dance, perfect understanding of the workings of the body and years of teaching experience. Gabriel is very generous in sharing all his knowledge, patient with his students and has a pleasant and easy-going manner of relating to the students of every level, from beginners to advanced.
Marina Sonkina, Vancouver BC

I have taken lessons from many teachers over the years and Gabriel Monty is my absolute favourite.I wish I had found him earlier in my dance life!
Linda Fowler, Victoria BC

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